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Dr. Patrick Ferguson


Dr. Patrick Ferguson

Dr. Patrick Ferguson is a full-service dentist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. After earning his dental degree from Loma Linda University school of Dentistry in 2012 on a full scholarship, he served his country in the US Army before settling down in Hawaii.  Dr. Ferguson has extensive experience in oral surgery and implants.  

In his free time, Dr. Ferguson enjoys exploring beautiful Honolulu with his family, listening to music and skiing.  

Whether you need a routine cleaning or a more complex dental procedure, you can trust Dr. Ferguson to provide expert care with a personal touch. Come see why so many people in Hawaii trust their smiles to him!

Why Choose

Black Point Dental?

Dr. Ferguson and the Black Point Dental team can handle all of your dental needs. We offer comprehensive dentistry services for the entire family, including:

Regular Cleanings
Cosmetic Dentistry
Removable Dentistry
Dental Implants
Dental Surgery
Emergency Dentistry
Same Day Appointments
Emergency Dentistry
in Honolulu
Same-Day Appointments Available

Black Point Dental offers same day appointments for emergency dental visits.

Your Invisible Orthodontic Option
Your Invisible Orthodontic Option

Invisalign is an aesthetic alternative to traditional braces. The benefits are clear:

Transparent braces for photo-ready smiles
Custom made to fit your bite
Fast, comfortable, and efficient (6-12 months results)
Works for all age groups
Removable so you can eat your favorite foods

Dr. Ferguson recommends Invisalign to get your smile back.

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Dental Implants

Bring Back Your Smile

Dental implants offer strong and natural-looking replacements for your teeth. Dr. Ferguson and the team at Black Point Dental can place new implants or repair your existing implants. Find out if permanent dental implants are a good fit for you.

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Dental Implants

Get Your Smile Back
Restorative & Removable Dentistry
At Black Point Dental

Missing or misaligned teeth can create issues in your everyday life. Dr. Ferguson has extensive experience with restorative dentistry, such as dental crowns. Black Point Dental can also help with your removable dentistry needs, from bridges to dentures.

Oral Surgery

You Can Trust

At Black Point Dental

Dr. Ferguson specializes in oral surgery, so you can be confident you’re in good hands. From wisdom teeth removal to dental implants, Dr. Ferguson has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your perfect smile.

Don’t wait any longer to get the smile you deserve – schedule your appointment with us today!

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Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, we are! Call Black Point Dental at (808)955-5922 to request an appointment.

Do you offer pediatric dental services?

Yes, we do! We offer comprehensive dentistry services for the entire family at Black Point Dental. Call us today to schedule a pediatric dental appointment.

Do you offer same-day dental appointments?

At Black Point Dental, Dr. Ferguson offers same-day appointments for dental emergencies, such as cracked teeth from trauma, tooth and jaw pain, sore gums, and dental repair. Call us to schedule an emergency visit.

What is considered a dental emergency?

Any dental problem that needs immediate attention constitutes a dental emergency. Dental emergencies may be unexpected and can occur even if you take good care of your oral health. 

Dental emergencies can include dental infection and abscess, severe tooth or jaw pain, bleeding gums, and knocked out or cracked teeth.

Do you offer dental implants?

Yes, we do! Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. At Black Point Dental, we offer restorative dentistry services, which include dental crowns, dental bridges, tooth bonding, dental fillings, and dental implants.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferguson today to see if dental implants are right for you.

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